Associate members

NZGAP Associate Membership is for growers/organisations that are engaged with the NZ Horticulture industry and wish to demonstrate their support for the objectives of the NZGAP programme.

NZGAP Associate Membership is an opportunity for you to become part of this network and to help us to develop the programme. This ensures that NZGAP continually meets the changing needs of growers and consumers while remaining credible and trusted in our markets.

Our members actively participate in the leadership and governance of the NZGAP programme.

Associate Member Organisations may include:

  • Producers, input suppliers, sellers and distributers
  • Industry and sector organisations
  • NZGAP certificate holders

NZGAP certificate holders are not automatically “Associate Members” of NZGAP, but are encouraged to apply and help the NZGAP purpose.

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Role of Associate Members

  • The right to nominate and vote for members of the NZGAP committee.
  • Promote and support NZGAP through your own organisations.
  • Contribute to the subcommittees that help shape the NZGAP standard.
  • Use the NZGAP member logo on publications, promotional material and B2B documents.

NZGAP committee

  • Each member organisation can nominate one candidate for the NZGAP committee.
  • Candidates may be voted onto the NZGAP committee at the annual meeting.
  • The role of the Committee Members is defined in the NZGAP constitution.
  • Board positions are for a three year term, with rotation (i.e. two board member positions come up for renewal at a time).