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Feedback on NZGAP-Global v7 draft rules and checklist

The GLOBAL.G.A.P standard has been updated (version 6). As a benchmarked scheme, NZGAP are required to update the NZGAP-GGE (now called NZGAP-Global) programme to reflect these changes and ensure ongoing recognition. NZGAP has reviewed and updated both the Programme Rules and the Checklist to ensure clarity, consistency and ease use of operators. We are seeking feedback to help us ensure the NZGAP-Global programme delivers to our stakeholders' expectations.

NZGAP-Global Programme Rules 
The Programme Rules outline the requirements for participation in the NZGAP-Global Programme. These have been completely re-written as part of a wider review and update of all NZGAP Programmes. The rules are written to ensure that operators (such as growers) are aware of what they need to do to achieve and maintain certification. Whilst most of the requirements need to be included for us to achieve recognition with GLOBAL.G.A.P. we do aim to have rules that work for NZ growers and some change is possible. 


The NZGAP-Global Checklist The NZGAP-Global Checklist is what will be used for the grower's annual self-assessment and the annual audit by the certification body. It is therefore essential that the checklist makes sense for growers and contains requirements that are relevant for orchards/farms in New Zealand. The NZGAP-Global checklist consists of the operator requirements only. Over time guidelines will be developed to support operators with the implementation of the requirements. We want to hear from growers to make sure that the requirements in the checklist are clear but also resource/support would help growers achieve and maintain compliance.

When the new version is finalised and available for use is dependent on how long the GLOBALG.A.P. benchmarking takes, but it is estimated to be around September/October this year. Growers certified to the NZGAP-GLOBAL.G.A.P. Equivalent programme have until the end of the year to be audited and certified under the current version. From 1st January 2025, any audits undertaken must be against NZGAP-Global V7. Please complete the short feedback form below to provide comment on both the NZGAP-Global Programme Rules and Checklist.

We will be taking feedback until the 19th April 2024.
If you would prefer to email or discuss your feedback, please contact either:
Kate: - - 027 295 9584
Mel: - - 027 391 7102

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