NZGAP (New Zealand Good Agricultural Practice) certifies the safe and sustainable production of fruit and vegetables in New Zealand.

People are increasingly concerned about the origin and safety of their food. They also expect responsible and sustainable farming practices as well as the safety of workers. NZGAP certified producers can demonstrate their commitment and ability to meet these expectations.

NZGAP certifies New Zealand grown fruit and vegetables. Only certified growers can use the NZGAP logo.


Good Agricultural Practice

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) is about the systems and standards inside the farm gate. GAP certification identifies the growers who have been audited and can prove they have met these standards.

NZGAP participates in a network of similar schemes around the world. This means the standards are relevant and internationally recognised.

NZGAP Brochures

What is NZGAP?

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NZGAP and the Food Act


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Overview of NZGAP

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NZGAP Social Practice

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