Annual Meetings

The NZGAP Annual Meeting is an opportunity to provide certificate holders and stakeholders with an update on the strategy, committee, finances, workplan, progress and key projects. 

Annual Meeting 2023

NZGAP held its Annual Meeting on 20 November via  Zoom webinar. Tony Howey (chairperson) announced the committee election results, provided an update on finances, launched the annual report and provided an overview of the upcoming 25-year celebrations. Damien Farrelly followed up with a management update on certification progress and priority projects including version 7, Global Food Safety Initiative, Freshwater Farm Plans, Growing Change, and Information Technology.

You can download the webinar slides here, while a recording of the webinar can be accessed here.

NZGAP committee election results:

  • Allen Lim – Grower, Jade Gardens (Vegetables)
  • Kate Trufitt – Non-grower, Potatoes New Zealand
  • Linda Flegg – Grower, Morris Moore Farms (Avocados)
  • Kirit Makan – Grower, Naran Makan Limited (Vegetables)

Congratulations to Linda and Kirit who have been elected to the committee for the first time, and to Kate and Allen who have been re-elected.

Thanks to Cath, Mark and Tony who have reached the end of their terms on the committee. A special thanks to Tony for the significant contributions to the governance and strategic direction of NZGAP as a committee member and chairperson since 2016.

Annual Meeting 2022

NZGAP thanks those who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the NZGAP Annual Meeting via webinar on 7th September. Tony Howey (chairperson) provided an overview of the recently launched strategy, the committee, summary financials for 2021-2022 and budget for 2022-2023. Damien Farrelly (manager) then provided a progress update for NZGAP programmes and add-ons while also providing an overview of priority projects including the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognition, NZGAP version 7 and Freshwater Farm Plans.

You can download the webinar slides here, while a recording of the webinar can be accessed here.

You can watch key sections by clicking on the links below: