Joining the Dots| 26 May 2020


Joining the Dots is a structured approach to making progress on key issues from problem recognition, to research and guideline development, implementation, audited mitigations, and benchmarked sustainability reporting.

Farm Environment Plans are a tool for growers to assess environmental risks of their growing operations, decide appropriate actions and timeframes to address those risks, and collate evidence of good management practice. Agrilink NZ and NZGAP, commissioned by the Vegetable Research and Innovation Board (VR&I), have stepped a grower through the process using the problem of soil erosion on cultivated vegetable paddocks. The case study grower developed an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan (a component of an FEP), which has a staged implementation, and has been audited through NZGAP.

The project also explored the potential for collection, aggregation, analysis, and display of national and regional scale metrics via NZGAP EMS. Individualised benchmarking reports could be generated for growers to inform future decision making and priority management areas, as well as aggregated environmental metrics to report on the industry’s sustainability progress over time. This report demonstrates individualised reporting using soil erosion and mitigation data, as well as regional and national level reporting.

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NZGAP Future Focus - Technology Report | 25 July 2017

NZGAP is aware that we are at the beginning of a technology revolution, and is anticipating and planning for a phase of rapid change is this area.

New Zealand GAP has a vision where horticultural data is better managed and integrated so that accurate information is available to those who need it and where and when they need it. This paper identifies and discusses some of the data management challenges, opportunities and risks related to assurance in the horticultural sector. This report discusses data and information flows in horticulture and provides a global perspective on new initiatives and trends in data and information science. 

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