We promote sustainable farming practices including the protection of soil, water and natural resources.

NZGAP certified growers recognise the importance of protecting natural resources. 

They also recognise the increasing concerns from the community about the negative impacts of poor growing practices on water, soils and biodiversity.

Growers need to continue to adapt their production practices to protect natural resources and to ensure that their farms are productive, profitable and sustainable into the future. 


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Environmental Management System (EMS) Add–on

Helping growers meet regulatory and market requirements for environmental protection in New Zealand

The NZGAP programme covers environmental risk assessment and good practices to manage natural resources, including:

  • Protection and sustainable use of land and water
  • Responsible use of agrichemicals and fertilisers
  • Waste management
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste, emissions and energy.

The NZGAP EMS system encompasses a number of elements including EMS guidelines, property maps, the farm environment plan (FEP), environmental risk assessments, guidelines for good and best management practises, compliance criteria, and the grower/third-party auditor checklist.